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October 23, 2006

Steam Locomotive

I uploaded old photos which I took when I went to Kyoto on my excursion of high school.


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October 10, 2006

Day Off

I took day off today instead last weekend.

I enjoyed the exhibition by Mr. Kazuyohi Nomachi, who is one of most excellent Japansese photographers, at Kichijoji Art Museum. http://www.musashino-culture.or.jp/a_museum/

His works heal our souls, and inspire our spirits. He expresses the importance of "pray" through his long term journey all over the world.

After the exhibition, I walked around Inokashira Park.

I saw the beautiful fountain in the pond.

I also went to "the Iseya", which is the famous yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant was closed down on September 25th, according to the article of Weekly Asahi, 10/13 volume.

This restaurant was so popular. We usually went there in youth.


I am lucky because the house is not demolished, I was able to take the its facade.


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