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April 14, 2006


At the Kasai Rinkai Kouen. Happy.


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April 13, 2006

Street Level

Last night, I saw a dream.

I sat on the plastic chair in the coffee shop at the street level in One World Trade Center, having a tall size coffee and reading The New York Times.

When I worked at the NY office, I occasionally went there and took a short break.
I have forgotten this situation until I had that dream.

After 9.11, most of photo of WTC has become the scenes of terrors.

However, I would like to say, that's enough. There are lots of pictures of the WTC photos befere 9.11 which represent the beauty of modern architecture and the working people.

Moreover, I would like to see the picture of the effort to rebuild the towers inheriting the hope and the joy of New Yorkers for the future.

I wanna going to NY, NY, right now.


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