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February 28, 2006


Do you know what this is ?


This is the photo of the piles of the chip from Christmas trees.

The official of Fresh Kills explained to me, " We Americans consume many trees in Holiday season. After that, we have to handle trees. Many years ago, we just dumped them as garbage. However, today, we already know dumping is challenging to environment, and nature. So we now are promoting the recycling. This is the good example. We made many chips of Christmas trees, and ferment them and convert them to compost. We NYC Department of Sanitation give this compost away to citizens. Every New Yorker feels so happy to get this. This compost has high quality. It makes next generation of trees good one. No waste, no loss. "

This recycling is based on their cultural life, and religion. This was also so impressive experience to me.
It is difficult for us to imagine in Japan.




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