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February 27, 2006


I have an experience to work at waste collection office as deputy director in tokyo about 10 years ago.

It was very exciting one for me. Everything was impressive. I had worked with many associates to protect the environment of Tokyo Metropolis. We also collaborated with many residents, citizens. If it were not for their endeavor, we coundn't have suceeded.

Not only the collection of waste, but also we were in charge of many tasks. Especially recycling was big one. Every quater several staff repaired bikes, and hold lottery to give them away to residents.

After these works, I was transferred to NYC office.

During the assignment in New York, I visited Fresh Kills Landfills twice.

At that time, Fresh Kills was going to the last stage as landfill land.


I discussed many themes about the big city's sanitation, landfill with NYC sanitation official, and workers at the landfilling site more than one hour.

I told them, " I am so excited with this smell ! "

They smiled at me and recognized me as the partner. I was so happy then.




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