October 23, 2006

Steam Locomotive

I uploaded old photos which I took when I went to Kyoto on my excursion of high school.


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October 10, 2006

Day Off

I took day off today instead last weekend.

I enjoyed the exhibition by Mr. Kazuyohi Nomachi, who is one of most excellent Japansese photographers, at Kichijoji Art Museum. http://www.musashino-culture.or.jp/a_museum/

His works heal our souls, and inspire our spirits. He expresses the importance of "pray" through his long term journey all over the world.

After the exhibition, I walked around Inokashira Park.

I saw the beautiful fountain in the pond.

I also went to "the Iseya", which is the famous yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant was closed down on September 25th, according to the article of Weekly Asahi, 10/13 volume.

This restaurant was so popular. We usually went there in youth.


I am lucky because the house is not demolished, I was able to take the its facade.


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August 09, 2006

Yamanote Line Tour

Last Sunday, I went out to ride on Yamanote Line with my family.
It was so hot. Temparature was around 35C all the day.
We got on the train at Ikebukuro Station, and got off Ueno Station at first.
After taking short lunch, we went to Akihabara. There is Tokyo Anime Center (TAC).

After the tour, I was so exhausted !






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July 16, 2006

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Hello guys, how are you doing.

It is so sticky these days in Tokyo. I guess many people are exhausted with this temparature.

Plase take care of yourself, to take enough water.


I was told that I wii be transferred to another position from this week.

Yeasterday & today, I went to my office and cleaned up around my desk, made some arrangement for my succesor.

Before I left TMG building, I took several pictures of TMG headquater building.

Thank you.


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April 14, 2006


At the Kasai Rinkai Kouen. Happy.


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April 13, 2006

Street Level

Last night, I saw a dream.

I sat on the plastic chair in the coffee shop at the street level in One World Trade Center, having a tall size coffee and reading The New York Times.

When I worked at the NY office, I occasionally went there and took a short break.
I have forgotten this situation until I had that dream.

After 9.11, most of photo of WTC has become the scenes of terrors.

However, I would like to say, that's enough. There are lots of pictures of the WTC photos befere 9.11 which represent the beauty of modern architecture and the working people.

Moreover, I would like to see the picture of the effort to rebuild the towers inheriting the hope and the joy of New Yorkers for the future.

I wanna going to NY, NY, right now.


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March 13, 2006

Transportation Museum

Hello guys, do you know "Transportation Museum" at Akihabara ?

This museum has been founded in 1921, and is very famous in Japan.

I remember that my father several times brought me there when I was a little boy.

There are many exhibits of locomotive models, trains, autos, and plane engines.

They makes us so excited.

Last month, I went there. Because the Japan Railway Foundation has decided that they will close down this museum in this May. This museum is too old to continue to be there.


I am very sad to hear the closing down. Because I have many wonderful memories.

I recommend all of you to visit this museum before its closing.

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February 28, 2006


Do you know what this is ?


This is the photo of the piles of the chip from Christmas trees.

The official of Fresh Kills explained to me, " We Americans consume many trees in Holiday season. After that, we have to handle trees. Many years ago, we just dumped them as garbage. However, today, we already know dumping is challenging to environment, and nature. So we now are promoting the recycling. This is the good example. We made many chips of Christmas trees, and ferment them and convert them to compost. We NYC Department of Sanitation give this compost away to citizens. Every New Yorker feels so happy to get this. This compost has high quality. It makes next generation of trees good one. No waste, no loss. "

This recycling is based on their cultural life, and religion. This was also so impressive experience to me.
It is difficult for us to imagine in Japan.

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February 27, 2006


I have an experience to work at waste collection office as deputy director in tokyo about 10 years ago.

It was very exciting one for me. Everything was impressive. I had worked with many associates to protect the environment of Tokyo Metropolis. We also collaborated with many residents, citizens. If it were not for their endeavor, we coundn't have suceeded.

Not only the collection of waste, but also we were in charge of many tasks. Especially recycling was big one. Every quater several staff repaired bikes, and hold lottery to give them away to residents.

After these works, I was transferred to NYC office.

During the assignment in New York, I visited Fresh Kills Landfills twice.

At that time, Fresh Kills was going to the last stage as landfill land.


I discussed many themes about the big city's sanitation, landfill with NYC sanitation official, and workers at the landfilling site more than one hour.

I told them, " I am so excited with this smell ! "

They smiled at me and recognized me as the partner. I was so happy then.

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January 13, 2006

My farewell Letter

I left NYC on June 30th, 2000.

Just before leaving, I sent my farewell letter to all.

I wrote the draft of this letter, under advising by my English teacher.

I just like to introduce it.


June 30th, 2000

My dear friends,

I would like to take this occasion to express my deepest gratitude to you.
I am leaving this wonderful New York City after completing my assignments as a representative from Tokyo Metropolitan Government over the past two years.

I arrived at New York City and started my job in March 1998. Since then, I have been devoted to many programs and projects with many New Yorkers. I worked and studied very hard, and you helped me very much. Thanks to your generous cooperation, I was able to carry out my mission. I will never forget the beautiful eyes of all the people who worked hard with me.

As you may know, I have tackled many hardships related to my job and the destiny of my office since late 1999. When I was down, my many friends always encouraged me. I became convinced then that, “Good friends are most important for our lives. Business doesn’t matter compared to this wonderful treasure.” I also thought then that, “I really hope I can someday be helpful to anybody in need.”

I believe friendship can reach anywhere. Even if we are separated by 14,000 mile from tomorrow, it doesn’t matter at all. I think I am very lucky to have had the chance to make such good friends in this city.

I do not intend to say good bye in this letter. I promise I will keep my memories of you in my heart.

I just want to say “ CU soon! I will always be here for you!”

Sincerely yours,


It's al little rainy, and very chilly today in Tokyo.

How are you doing, my friends ?

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